Primer for Carnatic Music  ₹250
Aarambhika is a primer that provides a very easy to follow notation for the beginners of Carnatic music. The book delineates all the basics of Carnatic music including Sarali, Janta, Daatu, Alankaras, Geethams, Swarajatis & Swarapallavis, specifically in the ENGLISH NOTATION FORMAT, with easy readability.

Aarambhika: The complete audio course is designed for students and learners of all ages and stages, to learn or to revise the basics of carnatic music at their own pace.

Primer for western Music ₹499
Tehillah is a primer that has been specifically structured for students of western classical music vocals and Piano theory. The book covers various aspects of the first four grades of western music theory, as per international music standards. The book also provides appropriate practice exercises for students, and also gives an in-depth explanation of the western music notation format.